Intangible AdValue

Where the the journey begins. The journey with CWIST always starts by dipping into the essence of your company's purpose to define it's uniqueness. If your company is not unique, then it is a common staple. Common staples can be commoditized, in turn negotiated for price and not value.

  • Step 1: Anchored & Essence.
  • Step 2: Valuation, Monetization & Conversion of Intangibles.
  • Neurobusiness! It may be simple, but it's hard. Learn more.

Jewish Branding

We have created a Big Data consumer behavior intelligence center for our community.

  • Adapt your brand's communication to speak to the Jewish community.
  • Package your services & products to optimize sales within the Jewish community.
  • Distribute offers to target markets & channels.

Network Monetization

Your network is a tangible that you can monetize by delivering the Essence of your company's Purpose!

  • Develop an easy and safe monetization model accessible to YOUR precious network.
  • Implement and monitor the process until you get the hang of it!


Fundraising is the delicate balance between extreme confidence and a meaningful purpose that integrates relevant networks which exchange brand exposure for financial contributions.

  • CWIST fundraises for select programs and causes focusing on Sustainable Social Impact.
  • CWIST raises sponsorships for business programs with a purpose.

CAP core

Our inhouse training center was created as a transformation tool to aid in MindSet breakthroughs. Neurobusiness is Mindful Business! Learn to empower your brain. Your company will be grateful.

Onboarding Brazil

Especially developed for foreign companies with the desire, but also afraid to launch their brands in Brazil.

Interdisciplinary team

Our interdisciplinary team is a mix of unique talents. Different projects require different talents. We select the team per project.


Crossing the finish line is the easy part. The journey however is hard. Meet our stakeholders; those who have entrusted their teams, their brands, their fears and difficulties with us. We take the journey together, however tough it may be.


Our essence | without whom we wouldn't exist


Strategic Partners | allowing us to enrich our offer to our clients

Fundraising and Sponsors

Where we focus our sponsorship activities


Enter our showroom to view who & how we structure our stakeholders. We hope that you will join us soon!