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CWIST was born in 2014 in response to a call for “help” to overcome inertia and business stagnation at the height of the Brazilian economic crisis. Our founders, with decades of experience in optimization and business innovation, delved into Neurobusiness to understand how to turn things around and win in difficult times. No one could imagine that just 6 years later, that crisis would look like a "chip" compared to the Pandemic.


The Pandemic reinforced the purpose of our origin!

In the 6-year interval between the two crises, 2014 – 2020, we faced a paradox of mindset:



It takes much longer to accept that it is possible to optimize results than the overcoming process itself, which is fast, dynamic and generates infinite relief. We updated the pillars of our manifesto during the Pandemic lockdown.
The 4 P's are: Purpose, Process, Path, Principles


To be an engaged partner with our customers' designs.


STOP Neurobusiness: procedural dynamics applied to teams and leaders to break with stagnation and inertia, resulting in optimizing results and harmonizing the environment.


Setting a clear destination allows you to trace the routes to get there. Routes are plans with contingencies, experienced as journeys. And the quality of the journey is what fuels our purpose.


There are 3 Jewish principles that feed our purpose, process and path. Are they:
1. TIKUN OLAM (Hebrew Tikun to repair or fix) OLAM (world) To fix the world
2. TZEDAKÁ (Giving)
3. MITZVAH (Follow the laws and do good deeds)


STOP Neurobusiness

The journey with CWIST always starts with a dive into the essence of the purpose of its performance.

Jewish Branding

We have created a Big Data consumer behavior intelligence center for our community.

Network Monetization

Your network is a tangible that you can monetize by delivering the Essence of your company's Purpose!


Marry the purpose of your project with money in pursuit of the same cause. Access our fund network and put your project on its feet!

CAP core

Develop skills integrated with capabilities. Workshops and courses encapsulated and in doses that fit in the rush of life.

Onboarding Brazil

Step into Brazil safely! Activate our network of experts by skills and competences and compose a team for a safe "soft landing".


The crossing is simple. The journey is difficult. Discover the journeys of some of our stakeholders. Reliability is the result of our prudence in persisting side by side with our customers.



Caio Mosque


As a Premium Sponsor of the CODEMEC Debate Forum, held in 2018, I was able to follow Wilson Nigri's enthusiasm and energy in his work of organizing and planning the event.

Danielle Trizi

Debby, thank you so much! I hope to soon be able to thank you with more than that. But I can't help but register how grateful I am for the direction and support at a time that I so needed. This directly put me in contact with other people who also became very important, and through that I was able to start a path through entrepreneurship, which generated great hope in me.

Nancy Baker, Director of Global Communications

CWIST is our service provider, but has also become a key partner in helping INMED Partnerships for Children ( explore new fundraising opportunities and resources for projects in Brazil over the past three years.

Their mindful approach to development fits well with INMED’s mission and values, and their team has been a valuable resource in helping us orchestrate creative communications and marketing strategies that have opened numerous doors for our NGO.

Melina Alves, CEO DUXcoworkers

We at DUXcoworkers recognize at Cwist their excellence in promoting value networking and strategic vision, it is an honor for us to have them as partners.




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