Your gateway to Brazil

If the desire of doing business in Brazil is big, but the fear of it even larger, then you are in the right place. Brazil's hyped risk reputation scares off foreigners. If you want to step foot in Brazil you have found a safe way to begin your journey.

Your gateway to Brazil
  • 210 million population
  • 8th largest economy worldwide
  • 75% of population has access to INTERNET
  • 5th largest SMARTPHONE market worldwide
  • No. 1 export in the world: meat, chicken, orange, sugar and coffee
  • Top imports from China, USA, Arg, Germany India, Japan, Italy, Russia
  • 38 million semi-literate people
  • 25% of the population in extreme poverty
  • Highest violent crime & homicide rate in the world
  • 25% live month-to-month, rent or borrow homes
  • Brazil ranked 106/180 countries in global corruption
  • Brazil is the Latin American leader in complex red tape and highest business & payroll taxes