COVID-19: A journey with three false negatives

My symptoms began on Aug 26th.
I nasal/throat SWAB tested for the live virus on the 4th, 8th and 11th day.
All 3 swabs came back negative.
I had 3 emergency hospital runs.
I was clinically diagnosed with COVID-19, but there is a gap between clinical diagnosis and a final lab result.
If not COVID-19, then what? What was causing me to be so ill.
I have NEVER felt so sick in my life and that includes Dengue Fever I got 3 years ago.

My symptoms:
Insanely intense diarrhea, up to 10 times a day for 16 days.
Inexplicable nausea 24/7 without vomiting that rose from the gut.
Full blown body pain, literally head to toe.
Massive headache.
Rash on the back of my neck and rib cage.
Burning eyes and the beginning of conjunctivitis.
Loss of smell (partial). I couldn’t (can’t ) smell coffee, animal protein, onions, garlic, bananas, citrus. But was (am) able to smell fabric softener, cinnamon, oregano and the cat box.

Excruciating vaginal pain that was misdiagnosed as a urinary infection and although less severe, still hasn’t subsided.
Accelerated heartbeat to the point that I thought I was having a heart attack and called emergency and rushed to the ER.
Hypothermia with a case of cold sweats that drenched me as if I had jumped into a pool fully clothed.
Due to the diarrhea, I dehydrated several times and had to get drip IV.
Lethargy, tiredness, lack of energy for the most basic things.

Finally, impossible to explain, the sum of all these symptoms compounded with a feeling as though I was not in my body. It wasn’t me, I couldn’t command my mind to sync with my body, this feeling like my mind and soul had been transplanted into some other type of host body.

After the 11th day swab came back negative we began investigating other potential diseases or causes with an infectologist and other medical specialties.

And it wasn’t until the 24th day that I tested positive, way high on the COVID-19 antibody totem pole. This means that it took 24 days from my first symptom to confirm COVID-19 through lab tests.

So why did I not test positive for the virus but only for antibodies?
It’s because the testing is not adequate for patients with only gastrointestinal symptoms.

This is a public health risk!! The rest I’ve gone through in detail in my video.

Love and thanks to all of you around the world who have offered me support.
Oh, and many have asked what got me through it?
All of your TLC, my family, my friends, my work and Dimash – the musical phenomenon from Kazikstan

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